Sunday, May 20, 2012


Happy Sunday all !

Hari nie mood aku macam goodgood je nak ngadap sinetron ni. hurmm...sekarang nie aku masih bernyawa (Alhamdulillah) nak abiskan internship until this August!! fuhhh..lame kan?? oh ..ya! lupe nak cerita..currently, secara batinnya aku masih lagi student USM tercinta! but zahirnya aku sekarang ni as a intern at AMD company kat penang..almost 2 months da start baru skrg ni terhegeh2 nak update bagai..ahah! Since a healthy number of people use AMD microprocessors and/or ATI graphics cards, I think there is no need to introduce the company. Instead, let me introduce the workplace!

Actually there is a policy of not allowing cameras in the office and production areas..that's why I cannot take more pictures to publish here. We are not allowed to bring our own laptop as well. But it is provided to all interns!!

Of course, during hours other than those near 5.15PM, I usually spend most of my time to do my work at my place that was provided. Actually here, has a few parts which are HR part, Finance, IT  and production where virtually everything engineering-ish is located at – analysis and engineering labs, R&D and production assembly lines… everything!

discussion with Chew

We interns were assigned cubicles on the top floor while the engineers (my manager included) have their offices one floor beneath us! OK..For first day...I attended the orientation session that was handled by HR group. and for next day..kinda busy actually since I got things to do most of the time. Of course I am still new to all the things, so kinda slow in doing. and you know..after a whole day of intensive working I'd totally look forward to 5.15PM right? bcoz after work means going out! =D

laptop that is provided for me by AMD


library at level

Anyway, I admit that the best thing about working in AMD is the people eventhough only me as Malay intern here.
I was afraid plus nervous when I entered AMD on the first day, apprehensive of how my new working environment would be like. 
But my manager and engineers were friendly and helpful, and we interns quickly became best pals among ourselves! and the most best part is they treats us as their team members! even we are, there is bound to be an opportunity for me to build the career that I want at this what I can say that everything still under control with Allah permission..

my batch nak rotate!

*puas hati..alhamdulilah


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